Candidate for the 3rd Division:


I promise, I’m more than a mustache. I believe in service and have dedicated my legal career to advancing the public interest. I am running for Bar Commission because I believe the Bar is uniquely postured to not only serve our profession, but also the public at large.

The Bar has done a lot to mitigate the access to justice gap, but there is still much to be done. The ABA has noted that 80% percent of low-income individuals cannot afford legal representation. While the Bar cannot ameliorate this issue alone, I do believe we can further focus our efforts to make the resources at our disposal more accessible to the public. As attorneys, it is our duty to ensure that the courts can be accessed by anyone, regardless of status.

I am a public defender. I currently serve as President of the Young Lawyers Division and sit on the Bar Commission in an ex-officio capacity. I represented Utah at the ABA YLD Assembly in 2020. I previously served as the director of Wills For Heroes in Utah, where we administered clinics that provided pro bono estate plans for first responders.