Candidate for the 2nd Division:

John Bradley


Thank you for your time considering and casting your vote in this election.  I am John Bradley and I am running for the second division seat of the Utah State Bar Commission.  A little background on me:  I have lived and worked in this division for over 30 years; six years in private practice doing mostly family law and criminal defense, and over 26 years with the Attorney General’s office.  I represent the Office of Recovery Services.  I live in South Ogden, am married to Pat Bradley and together we have 5 children.

I am a former Weber County Bar President.   When I took office, the county bar was financially in the red.  I turned that around in one year by taking several cost-cutting measures.  I implemented obtaining CLE credit at every monthly bar meeting by using local attorneys to teach something at each luncheon; a practice that is still done (only much better) today.  Within the Attorney General’s office I have served on the CLE committee and am currently on the ethics advisory committee.  These experiences have made me well aware of the issues you face on a daily basis.  My goal is to assist you by making the Utah State Bar not only relevant, but actually helpful to you.  I know that in a small, solo or government practice you may feel somewhat removed from what is happening in Salt Lake.  In fact, you may prefer it that way.  I also know, however, that there are resources that can make your practice better and more meaningful.

I am currently serving on the Bar Commission and hope to remain for another term.  This is primarily because a few of us have just formed what we call the “Bar Reimagined” committee.  The  pandemic has taught us some valuable lessons about better use of the budget, better ways to reach out to membership and it has given us time to rethink how the bar has been doing things.   This committee’s  goal is to see how we can serve bar members in a more meaningful way with a focus on small firms, solo and government practices.  My other assignment on the Bar Commission is as a liaison to the Government Relations Committee, which reviews all legislation to see whether it aids in access to justice or in the administration of justice.  In addition, I spent about six years on the Bar Character and Fitness Committee.  As you can see, I believe in service to the community.  I truly enjoy serving on the Commission and have found that it is a group of highly professional people who truly want to make the practice of law better.

I also believe that the Second District is the best place to practice in the State.   The legal community here is second to none, and it is a pleasure to work with you.

I would appreciate your vote.  Please feel free to reach out to me at  Thank you.