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Tools for Sections

The Utah State Bar provides various methods for Section leadership to reach out to their membership. Access to these services are restricted to section leaders and to designated representatives of the sections. To help ensure swift and reliable service, sections are strongly encouraged to notify the section support staff at sectionsupport@utahbar.org of any change to section leadership or representatives.

  • Member Mailing Lists – Mailing lists or membership lists can be requested by contacting sectionsupport@utahbar.org. These lists are very dynamic as address changes are a common occurrence and should be used within 30 days of delivery.
  • Private Member Directories – The Practice Portal provides current directories of section memberships along with current contact information and email. These directories are NOT publicly available and can only be access by Bar Members.
  • Postcard / Paper Mailings – CLE notices can be sent via mail.  Letters or postcards typically require two business days to prepare, deliver to the mail house, and begin shipment. Mail sent to Utah attorneys will typically arrive within two days after leaving the mail house. To set up a postcard or paper mailing please contact sectionsupport@utahbar.org or cle@utahbar.orgPLEASE NOTE: Mailings can be sent to other sections only with permission of the target section’s leadership. Permission can be provided orally or by email to sectionsupport@utahbar.org or cle@utabar.org. This must be done for each cross-section request. A directory of section leadership can be found online at http://www.utahbar.org/about/meet-section-division-chairs/.
  • Email Notices – HTML formatted emails can be sent within one business day to section members. Please provide a subject line and message body as you would like it delivered. Attachments will be stored on the section website and linked to from the email to help drive traffic to the section site and to improve the delivery capability*. To set up an email please contact cle@utahbar.org or  sectionsupport@utahbar.org.  PLEASE NOTE: Emails can be sent to other sections only with the written permission of the target section’s leadership. Permission can be provided orally or by email to sectionsupport@utahbar.org or cle@utabar.org. This must be done for each cross-section request. A directory of section leadership can be found online at http://www.utahbar.org/directories/section-chairs-of-the-utah-state-bar/.
  • Broadcast List Services – Section controlled list services can be created providing section leadership with the ability to send email to members without working through staff. To access and use a list please email listserv@utahbar.org with the names and email addresses of section leaders that should have access to send to the list. The list system will only pass messages sent from the email addresses provided. Messages should not have attachments over 250K in size. Message attachments that are larger than 250K will require moderator approval to go through.
  • Discussion List Services – Interactive discussion lists can be created for sections. These lists allow section members to discuss issues and ask questions of other section members. These lists can be un-moderated requiring additional training for participants to avoid looping and other delivery issues. To request a discussion list  please email listserv@utahbar.org.
  • Social Media Services – The Utah State Bar can provide assistance in setting up Facebook and twitter accounts for a section as another tool for communications. Sections should designate a representative to help manage this service. To request training and creation of social media services for a section please email communications@utahbar.org.
  • Survey Services – The Utah State Bar has a dedicated account with SurveyMonkey for the creation of surveys for bar members. Some examples of surveys that have been created for sections are CLE Preferences; Elections & Nominations; Legislative Feedback; and Wage & Market Conditions. To create a survey please email the following information to webmaster@utahbar.org:

    • Survey Title – A descriptive and goal oriented title will help generate the best participation levels from section members
    • Survey Start and End Dates – Best results/returns are typically with in the first two business days of an invitation. The recommendation is to have a survey last 14 days with an invite on the first day, then a reminder the following week.
    • Whether you want participation tracking – Surveys are anonymous but section leaders can opt to track who has participated in a survey. Commonly this feature is used in conjunction with elections or nomination procedures.
    • Survey Introduction – What the survey is for, how it will be evaluated, and whether results will or will not be made public to the participants.
    • Questions with the possible answers – The survey system provides a number of different question formats ranging from multiple choice to open essay to matrix of preferences. To get the most from a survey consider reading the excellent guide to question design located at http://www.howto.gov/customer-experience/collecting-feedback/basics-of-survey-and-question-design
    • A closing statement and thank you message.
  • Website Services – Each section now has a dedicated web hosted account that can be used to provide additional information for members. Each section’s site has a dedicated domain name to improve the find-ability of the site with domain names following a sectionname.utahbar.org format. The Utah State Bar Website coordinator will be the primary contact for the creation of and placement of content. Content management systems (CMS) can be provided to sections wishing to take direct control of their site and site content. An example of this format can be found at http://younglawyers.utahbar.org/ or http://cyberlaw.utahbar.org. There are two current CMS options:
    • Internal CMS – We will put a lightweight content management system and host it on our servers. This will allow a section to manage their own site but these lightweight systems do not provide any integration or advanced social media or communications services. An example of this is the Paralegal  site at http://paralegals.utahbar.org/ 
    • External CMS – We have partnered with Weebly to provide enterprise grade CMS sites to interested sections. There is a cost associated with this of $30 per month that goes to cover bar costs incurred from Weebly. The tool is very powerful and has a lot of functionality that the lightweight CMS does not provide. Examples of this are http://younglawyers.utahbar.org/ or http://cyberlaw.utahbar.org/.
  • Requested changes to a site content using the Content Manager ttypically be made within one business days depending on the nature and scope of the changes. To review a section site, establish a CMS system, or provide content to update a site please contact onlinesupport@utahbar.org.
  • Social Media Support – Each section has both a dedicated Facebook page and Twitter account. The section can either take direct control of the Facebook page by adding editors or can elect to send content to the Section Support office to have the content placed. Sections are encouraged to remind their members to ‘like’ or ‘follow’ the section social media services. If there are questions on implementation, promotion, or administration please contact communications@utahbar.org. 

*Section members may have spam filters in place which can interfere with email delivery. Please encourage section members to add utahbar.org to their email allow list. If the staff of the Utah State Bar has sent the message through the internal section communication tool they can confirm delivery to an address, If the email is sent using an external list service Bar staff can confirm that has left the service but it cannot confirm delivery.