As part of the Bar's Affordable Attorneys for All initiative, the Modest Means Lawyer Referral program helps Utahns with modest earnings find a lawyer offering discounted rates to match their incomes.

If you qualify, you will be referred to lawyer who charges up to $50 or $75 an hour, or a corresponding flat fee. Hourly or flat-fee services often require advance payment (a retainer). The application is in two parts: 1st to see if you qualify and 2nd for questions about you and your situation (there is a $25 non-refundable administrative fee. Payment for this online purchase must be made using VISA or MASTERCARD.).

Check the box or boxes related to your legal needs. We are unable to help in other areas, including but not limited to: personal injury, disability, contracts outside of consumer law, constitution, attorney malpractice, federal claims, immigration, or intellectual property. If you are unsure what area of law your case falls under please call 801.297.7049.

Criminal (in juvenile court)
Family Law (divorce, protective order, etc.)
Guardianship(including minors and protected
persons who are adults)
Mechanics Lien
Real Property
Small Claims
Will, Trust, Estate, or Probate

Income from all household members. Please use whole numbers, such as 3500. No commas.


Asset value/balance


Persons include spouse/partner and dependents (not roommates who live independently). A dependent is a person living in your household where more than 50% of their livelihood is provided by you.

Income includes income from adults or children where the income is used on household expenses (not including, for example, a child who makes $50 a week babysitting to save for college).

Assets do not need to include:

  • a. Your primary residence.
  • b. One vehicle per driver in your household used primarily for transportation and not used for recreational purposes.
  • c. Up to $3,500 of the fair market value of work-related tools and equipment.
  • d. Insurance proceeds, judgments, or settlements that are compensation for bodily injury or wrongful death to the client or to someone for whom the client is/was a dependent.
  • e. Cash value of any life insurance policies.
  • f. Pensions, IRA, 401(K), or retirement plans.

Please note that your lawyer may ask additional questions during the intake process to confirm your eligibility for the program.
Your lawyer has the final say in the qualification process.

Congratulations, you qualify!

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Once you click the Make Payment button your credit card will be charged a non-refundable $25 application fee, which includes the first half hour with an attorney if we are successful in finding a match to someone in your location who can help with your issue. We will provide you with up to three referrals, but can.t guarantee a relationship with an attorney.

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