NTLP Introduction to the Organized Bar

This resource is intended to facilitate a discussion about the organized bar, including local, state and national bar association opportunities and the advantages of being involved in bar association activities.


Required Section 1(c): Invite the new lawyer to attend a meeting of the local bar association (CLE, event, pro bono, social) and discuss advantages of involvement with local, state and/or national bar or professional associations.


Optional Section 1(d): Introduce, as feasible, the new lawyer to other lawyers in the community through attendance at local bar association meetings or otherwise.

General Mentoring Tips

The Utah State Bar website contains links to dozens of local, state and specialty bars at the following addresses

Give the new lawyer examples of local, state, specialty and national bar associations and discuss the differences between them.

For Example

Local Associations


State Associations

Utah State Bar; Utah Minority Bar Association; Women Lawyers of Utah; Utah Association for Justice


Specialty Associations

National Organization of Bar Counsel; Federal Bar Association; Association of Trial Lawyers of America


National Associations

American Bar Association; American Inns of Court


Attend any meeting/event of an organized bar association together and introduce the new lawyer to other lawyers in attendance at the event.

Share with the new lawyer the association(s) in which the mentor is a member; reasons the mentor is involved in the association(s); activities the mentor is involved in at the association(s); and how involvement in the association(s) has benefit the mentor over the course of his/her career.

Provide the new lawyer examples of activities one can get involved in as a member of an association.  Discuss specific reasons why one would want to be involved in those activities.