Lawyers Helping Lawyers

Utah Lawyers Helping Lawyers is committed to rendering confidential assistance to any member of the Utah State Bar whose professional performance is or may be impaired because of mental illness, emotional distress, substance abuse or any other disabling condition or circumstance.

Currently LHL matches those whom it assists with one on one volunteer peer mentors and conducts support groups and continuing legal education.

The law is an intellectually rewarding area in which to work but can be very challenging. Practicing law can be very stressful. LHL encourages lawyers and other legal professionals to practice healthy strategies for coping with stress. LHL also encourages those whom it serves not only to make healthy choices for themselves but for them to look out for the well being of their fellow lawyers and legal professionals who might be struggling.

If things ever seem to be too much for you or for someone else to handle, you are not alone. LHL cares and is here to help. Please telephone LHL so that you might share with a friendly ear whatever issues you face and discuss options.

Utah Lawyers Helping Lawyers
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Telephone (801) 900- 3834
Toll Fee (800) 530 – 3743
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