Utah is a mandatory efiling state

E-Filing Information

Utah State Courts E-filing is Mandatory for all Civil Filings as of 4/1/2013.

eFiling is now available statewide in Utah State District Courts; for filings on civil, domestic, and probate matters. All pleadings and other papers filed by attorneys in civil and domestic cases must be electronically filed. (See UCJA Rule 4-503).

Beginning July 1, 2013, all pleadings and other papers filed by attorneys in probate cases must be electronically filed. (See UCJA Rule 4-503).

Self-represented litigants who are not attorneys may file by any means permitted by the court.

You will find more information on the court’s e-filing system, as well as information about developing your own dedicated interface, at http://www.utcourts.gov/efiling. You may register now for an account with Tybera through the Bar’s website at http://efiling.utahbar.org. If you have any questions about efiling contact us at efiling@utahbar.org.

e.Filing Resources From the Courts:
  • e.Filing fees for Individual filing accounts
  • per filing service for infrequent filing – $5

eFlex Electronic Filing Fee Schedule

Annually 1 – 4 Attorneys – $270.00
5 – 10 Attorneys – $243.00
11 – 20 Attorneys – $216.00
20+ Attorneys – $189.00
Quarterly $71.00
Monthly $26.00
Per Filing for those not wanting a subscription $5.00

COURTPATH – eFiling made simple

www.courtpath.com – eFiling Registration and Login Portal

  • Bronze Plan – Pay-by-filing $4 per filing
  • Silver Plan – Single Attorney, monthly subscription $25, unlimited filings
  • Gold Plan – Multiple attorneys at reduced prices (starting at) $21 per attorney, unlimited filings
  • Platinum Plan – Multiple attorneys at an annual rate of $240 per year, unlimited filings


Green Filing

Green Filing is an electronic filing service provider for the Utah State District Courts certified by the Utah Administrative Office of the Courts.

Visit www.greenfiling.com, click here to learn more, or here to get started! Still have questions, don’t hesitate to call us at (801) 448-7268!



Judicialink is an e-filing service provider created by practicing Utah attorney Jacob R. Powell.

Visit Judicialink at https://www.judicialink.com, call at (801)877-1596, or email support@judicialink.com for any questions.

Federal e.Filing Information

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