Paralegal Membership Renewal

The window for online license renewal for  members of the Paralegal Division is customarily open annually beginning the first or second week in June and runs through August 31st.

If you need to renew or make a change to your license status at any time other than this window please contact

License notices for the current license renewal year will be emailed to the preferred email address of record the last week of May.

Renewal may be completed online at

If you have forgotten your login information you can fill out the online request form at the bottom of this page. Login information will then be sent to your email address of record. You may also contact the Licensing Department at 801-297-7021 / or Online Services at 801-297-7051/ to obtain your login information.

Paralegals also need to be sure to fill out and comply with the appropriate Division forms which can be found here:

Please Note:

Even if there are no changes to your addresses paralegals must still fill in the check box stating that their addresses are correct and current.

The renewal form will ask about IOLTA status. Paralegals will need to select option 2 stating that they do not handle client funds.

For more information please visit the paralegal site.

Request Login Information:


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