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Please be advised that the Utah State Bar is transitioning to an electronic application system. Please contact the Bar’s LPP Administrator before submitting a hard copy application.

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Licensed Paralegal Practitioner

Rule 14-802 of the Rules Governing the Utah State Bar creates an exception to the authorization to practice law for an LPP. The exception permits an LPP to assist a client only in the practice areas for which the LPP is licensed. The rule limits an LPP’s possible practice areas to:

  • Specific family law matters, such as temporary separation, divorce, parentage, cohabitant abuse, civil stalking, custody and support, or name change;
  • Forcible entry and detainer; and
  • Debt collection matters in which the dollar amount at issue does not exceed the statutory limit for small claims cases.

Rule 14-802 also enumerates permissible actions for LPPs within the practice areas. Under this rule, an LPP may:

  • Enter into a contractual relationship with a natural person (LPPs cannot represent corporations);
  • Interview a client to determine the client’s needs and goals;
  • Assist a client with completing approved forms and obtaining documents to support those forms;
  • Review documents of another party and explain those documents to a client;
  • Inform, counsel, assist and advocate for a client in a mediated negotiation;
  • Complete a settlement agreement, sign the form and serve the written settlement agreement;
  • Communicate with another party or the party’s representative regarding the relevant forms and matters; and
  • Explain to a client the court’s order and how it affects the client’s rights and obligations.
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