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Consumer Assistance Program

The Consumer Assistance Program (CAP) offers consumers a timely and efficient process to address issues and concerns that sometimes arise between consumers and their attorneys or their licensed paralegal practitioners (LPPs). The CAP attorney provides the following:

  • help with communication between consumers and their attorneys or LPPs so that questions and concerns can be reviewed and resolved;
  • referrals to other programs and services at the Utah State Bar;
  • referrals to the Office of Professional Conduct when appropriate; and
  • information to consumers about the law and procedural rules of the court.

Submit your concerns to the CAP attorney on the form located at the following link.

Note: Filing a CAP form is very different from filing a complaint with the OPC.

  • The OPC investigates allegations against attorneys and LPPs for violating the Rules of Professional Conduct.
  • CAP assists consumers with less serious issues and those who have a current working relationship with their lawyers or LPPs.

Office of Professional Conduct

If this communication is intended to be a request or inquiry for the Office of Professional Conduct (“OPC”), then your communication should NOT be submitted to the Utah State Bar email address. Instead it should be submitted through the contact link on OPC’s website at .

Generally, communications with the OPC are confidential pursuant to Utah Supreme Court Rules. Consequently, if you submit a communication to this email address and not directly to the OPC, then you have expressly waived this confidentiality because the communication has been disseminated to individuals outside of the OPC.


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