Fall Forum 2021, Virtual November 18-January 27

Spring Convention 2022, Virtual March 10-12

 Summer Convention 2022, Coronado July 6-9

Utah State Bar Continuing Legal Education Department is committed to helping Utah attorneys meet their Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) requirements by providing high quality live and online programs.

CLE Event Information

The attached form is for event planning with the Utah State Bar. If you wish for the Bar to be either the sponsor or co-sponsor of your event, please use the attached checklist to document your planning process and intentions for the event. Then, submit your form to CLE@utahbar.org so that we can communicate properly with you about next steps

Utah State Bar Annual Conventions and Fall Forum

In addition to numerous CLE events and luncheons held throughout the year the Utah State Bar provides three annual conventions. These programs are designed and driven by the members and sections of the Bar and are meant to provide opportunities to improve an attorney’s practice and meet with colleges from across the state.



Utah State Bar Staff

  • CLE Director

    Michelle M.

    P. 801-297-7033

  • CLE Events Manager/Staff Assistant


    P. 801-297-7036

  • Committee Chair


    P. (801) 532-7840