2021 Utah State Bar Election Results

Congratulations to Katie Woods, who was retained as the Bar’s newest President-elect,

Greg Hoole and Chrystal Mancuso-Smith on their election to the Bar Commission in the 3rd Division.

Tyler Young  who ran unopposed in the 4th Division.

Megan Mustoe  who ran unopposed in the 5th Division.

We really do appreciate all the thoughtful messages and leadership from those who were involved.  We express a sincere thanks to Mark Pugley, who was not successful this time around, and encourage their continued service and involvement in the Bar.  We need good people like them in the important issues the profession is facing today!

Bar President-elect & Elected Commissioners

Congratulations to Katie Woods, on her rentention as President-elect


3rd Division

Congratulations to Greg Hoole

Congratulations to Chrystal Mancuso-Smith

4th Division

Congratulations to Tyler Young

5th Division

Congratulations to Megan Mustoe