File a Request for Assistance

CAP Request Form

The information provided using this on-line Request for Assistance form will be submitted to the Utah State Bar’s Consumer Assistance Program (CAP).  CAP is designed to help clients resolve problems they have with their attorneys or licensed paralegal practitioners (LPP) that may not rise to the level of a violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct. 

Submitting this form, therefore, is not the filing of a Bar complaint. This form will be handled informally by the CAP attorney.

Please fill out the Request Form completely and to the best of your knowledge. Thank you.

"I understand that by requesting assistance, the attorney in question and the Consumer Assistance lawyer may disclose and share with each other confidential and privileged information. I authorize release of all claims I may have against my attorney and the Consumer Assistance lawyer relating to disclosure."

"I understand it may be necessary to act promptly to protect my rights, and commencement of a civil action may be required to preserve my rights. I understand that completing this form does not constitute commencement of a civil action, such as a malpractice action, and that the Utah State Bar will not commence any such action. I acknowledge it is my responsibility to seek and obtain any necessary legal advice with respect to this matter."